Technical Document on National Data Models

The report reviews a selection of existing micro-level data-model implementations both from within as well as outside the consortium's countries and identifies best design practices. It proposes preliminary model concepts for EURHISFIRM's metadata scheme and evaluation criteria for assessing the effectiveness of historical, cross-country, company-level data models. Since there is no precedence in designing such models, the report methodologically introduces a conceptual 2-dimensional separation on the information space that EURHISFIRM's model aims to cover and reviews representative implementations from each subpart. The first dimension concerns the time domain. In this dimension, the reviewed models are classified either as contemporary or as historical. The second dimension concerns the cross-country domain. Models here are classified either as national or as international. The analysis constitutes one fundamental block upon which the process of synthesizing national models into a unified European common model builds.
Year of Publication
EurHisFirm Deliverable 5.1
EurHisFirm Deliverable 5.1
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Technical Document on National Data Models